New Fantasy Football Keeper Rule

Let’s say you’re a big fantasy football player, and you play with the same players in the same league every season. Instead of playing in a keeper league, this new rule will help one try to determine what player they believe will have a good season the next year.

Four years ago in my high school league, my friend and I came up with a new keeper rule. It was unlike any other keeper league or keeper rule I was aware of, and it made the league interesting as we had to pick a “sleeper” player on our team to keep for our team the next season. The catch to this rule was based off of limitations for the players you can choose to keep. What I mean by this limitation is that we set up the rule based off of a players draft position and players ranking at the end of the season in terms of points.

The limitations were different for each position in our starting lineup. For example, ever since my friend and I created we set up the limitation that one cannot keep a quarterback that was drafted in the top 10 or finished top 10 in points at the end of the season, for running back top 20, wide receiver top 15, tight end top 5 and one can keep any defense and kicker. This rule has kept the league interesting as it adds a new type of thinking to predict what sleeper will have an even better season the next season.

If one is ever looking for a change up in their fantasy football leagues, this is it. I now run my own leagues in college and implement this rule and it seems to be working really well so far. Play this new exciting style of fantasy football that will be sure to challenge your players this season.