LeBron James to Hire Interns

LeBron James has been an All-Star, an MVP, and an NBA Champion. Now he'll be a corporate employer as well. (Image Source: Getty Images)

LeBron James has been an All-Star, an MVP, and an NBA Champion. Now he’ll be a corporate employer as well. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Most college students these days get some sort of internship or practical work experience before they graduate. Large businesses, news and radio stations, and professional sports teams seem to be among the most desirable places to work. So why not have a role in all three fields?

Look no further, interns. LeBron James has solved all your job search problems. The four-time NBA Most Valuable Player is currently seeking student interns for his personal and professional marketing initiatives. James is looking for students to “maintain basketball and technology industry dossiers” and “communicate and interact with LeBron fans around the world”, among other things. It sounds like an ideal situation: work with social media tools and blogs with one of the best basketball players of all time. After all, students DO want to learn from the best in the business, so to speak.

But the concept of an internship with “King James”, idealistic as it may be, should prove to be a very difficult job to get. First of all, thousands of people will likely apply to work for a high-profile athlete like LeBron James. And there are also many qualifications required of candidate interns. Only collegiate students can apply, and they need to be proficient in certain software program codes like CSS. James is also requesting that his interns live in New York, Miami, or Ohio, that they study marketing or communications, and that they have fluency in Spanish.

But the idea itself is still revolutionary. With so many colleges and universities encouraging students to gain practical work experience during their undergraduate years, the need for more internships is growing. The growth of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter is also growing, and who better to work on these websites than young adults with social media experience. Perhaps LeBron James’ example will convince other star athletes to hire interns as well. Like him or hate him, you have to hand it to LeBron James for the creative idea.



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