Tebow Time Over in New York?

Jets QB Tim Tebow has completed six passes for 39 yards and has 102 rushing yards this season. (Image Source: USA Today)

Jets QB Tim Tebow has completed six passes for 39 yards and has 102 rushing yards this season. (Image Source: USA Today)

From his high school days, Tim Tebow has impressed on the field, and his religious background has made him one of the most popular and most talked about athletes in the NFL. But ever since he joined the New York Jets, Tebow has been placed on the back burner. Now, it appears that “Tebow Time” is over in New York.

The Jets announced earlier today that starting quarterback Mark Sanchez would be benched in favor of Greg McElroy, the third QB on the Jets’ depth chart. Tebow, the second Jets QB, cracked two ribs in November, and has seen limited playing time since. In last night’s game against the Tennessee Titans, Tebow played only one series, throwing an incompletion and running three times for 15 yards. Tebow has only attempted eight passes this season, being used mostly as a fullback or wildcat quarterback running for short yardage situations.

This latest decision adds to the Jets’ quarterback carousel this season. Franchise quarterback Mark Sanchez has struggled this season, throwing only 13 touchdowns and committing 30 turnovers. McElroy, a former national champion at Alabama, entered the Jets’ December 2nd game against the Cardinals in relief of Sanchez, and led the Jets to victory with a touchdown pass, with a QB Rating of 118.5.

As for Tebow, an NCAA Champion and Heisman Trophy winner, his stay in New York will likely end this year. He signed a 3 year, $6 million contract last offseason, with his salary in 2012 being $1.1 million. Tebow gained notoriety in the NFL world for completing six fourth-quarter comebacks last season, and leading the Broncos to an overtime win in the Wild Card playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow was traded from the Broncos to the Jets for two draft picks.

So where could Tim Tebow be headed? Perhaps teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals will show interest because of their concerns at quarterback. The Eagles will likely release franchise QB Michael Vick because of injury concerns, and the Cardinals can’t seem to find that one great starter on their roster. But the Jacksonville Jaguars are the safest bet. Even though they have both Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert on the roster, having a homegrown player like Tebow (who grew up in nearby Ponte Vedra Beach) would definitely attract more fans to a struggling, lackluster franchise.

Even though he never fully got his feet wet in New York, Tebow can still play at the highest level. Look for Tebow to make headlines wherever he goes, and perhaps save a dull, unattractive team in Jacksonville.


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