24 Hours of College Basketball Challenge

Set your alarms to midnight tonight, folks. That’s when one of the greatest and most bizarre sporting events begins: the 24 Hours of College Basketball marathon on ESPN. Started in 2008, this concept allows college basketball fans to watch not just a normal two-hour game, but an entire day’s worth of hoops. If you truly want a test of your abilities as a sports fan, now is the time for you to see if you have what it takes.

Start off at midnight tonight on ESPN with West Virginia and Gonzaga in a 2012 NCAA Tournament rematch. West Virginia is loaded with talented transfers, but Gonzaga possesses a tricky home-court advantage and the momentum in the series coming off the March Madness win.

Then grab a late-night snack and get ready for mid-major powers Davidson and New Mexico at 2:00, followed by Houston Baptist and Hawaii at 4:00 after a brief ten minute power nap.

Turn on the coffee pot just in time to catch the tipoff of the 6:00 Stony Brook-Rider matchup that features some of the most dedicated student fans in the early hours of the morning. Follow that coffee with another ten minute nap and a breakfast sandwich during the Northern Illinois-Valparaiso contest at 8:00.

Drive to work during halftime and bring your headphones so you can listen to UMass-Harvard at 10:00 online. If your boss asks, just tell him you are listening to a Harvard University lecture (it sounds really smart). Listen to the first half of Temple-Kent State at noon, then grab a twenty-minute lunch break at halftime.

After lunch and the second half, take the afternoon off due to “food poisoning” and go home to watch Detroit-St. John’s at 2:00, and Butler’s Atlantic 10 debut against Xavier at 4:00. After that game ends, grab an hour nap and prepare a nice microwave dinner for yourself.

The Champions Classic is your reward for a long day of basketball, featuring national powers Michigan St. and Kansas at 7:00, followed by the marquee matchup of the day: #9 Duke and #3 (and defending national champion) Kentucky at 9:00. Following that exciting game, reward yourself with a nice jelly donut, a hot shower, and a date with your pillow.

ESPN decided to reward college basketball fans with their own holiday of sorts. And it’s not a bad draw for TV audiences: college basketball over infomercials for various miracle products that sell for $19.99. The “Super-Fan” gauntlet has been issued. If you can pull this off, then you are indeed the best college basketball fan in the world. Good Luck!



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