The World of Sports Casts Its Vote

As per tradition, President Obama throws out the first pitch on Opening Day in Washington, D.C.

It’s a presidential election year, which means that for months you have become accustomed to speeches, political rallies, smear campaign commercials, and opinion polls. Today we decide the leadership of our great country for the next four years, whether that leader is President Obama or Governor Romney. By now you’ve seen enough about what Gallup polls predict or whom the Rasmussen Poll says will win the election; let’s take a look at who the world of sports predicts as the next President of the United States.

NFL– President Obama’s Chicago Bears currently stand at 7-1, leading the NFC North by two games over the Packers. Romney’s New England Patriots also lead their division, but their 5-3 record gives the President the early advantage. OBAMA 1-0.

NCAA FB– Sticking with football, President Obama’s Columbia Lions currently have a 2-6 record. Governor Romney takes the point in this one, as his Brigham Young Cougars have a 5-4 record. TIE 1-1.

MLB– Unfortunately for President Obama’s beloved Chicago White Sox, a playoff berth was just out of reach. But their 85-77 record still trumped the Boston Red Sox, who finished with a lowly 69-93 mark. OBAMA 2-1.

NHL– There’s no hockey being played now, so we’ll look at last season. And it’s a close one, folks! Romney’s hometown Boston Bruins edge out Obama’s Chicago Blackhawks in points 102-101. One point to Romney. TIE 2-2.

NBA– It might be too early to judge this, but the Chicago Bulls are 2-1, while the Boston Celtics are just 1-2. The President slips into the lead once again. OBAMA 3-2.

NCAA BB-Once again, Romney takes the point at the collegiate level. Last season, his BYU Cougars went 26-9, while Obama’s Columbia Lions won (and lost) 15. TIE 3-3.

Gov. Mitt Romney held a last-minute rally that attracted nearly 30,000 people in Yardley, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

We need a tiebreaker. The Game 7 of Presidential elections: it doesn’t get much more dramatic than this! Fortunately, we have a unique trend to explain the result: the Redskin Rule. Since 1940, every presidential election (except 2004) has been decided by the outcome of the last Washington Redskins home game before Election Day. If the Redskins win, the incumbent party wins the election. If the Skins lose, so too does the incumbent party candidate.

This year’s result: Panthers 21, Redskins 13. As a result, the Redskin Rule predicts the 2012 presidential election for Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Now this of course won’t affect the actual election, but the world of sports has cast its imaginary vote. ROMNEY WINS 4-3.


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