NHL Cancels November Schedule

A full 82-game NHL season is now out of the question. The NHL announced today it has cancelled the remainder of November’s schedule, which brings the total number of games cancelled to 326. As a result, the league cannot complete a full season with playoffs.

The NHL is also planning to withdraw its offer to the NHL Players’ Association, an offer that proposed a 50-50 revenue split between team owners and the players. The league has estimated that players have lost about 27% of this year’s salary because of the 41-day lockout. In the meantime, many top players continue to play in leagues in Europe and in the American Hockey League.

The NHLPA made three counter-offers to the NHL on October 18th, the last day that the two parties officially met. All three offers were quickly rejected by NHL management. Mathieu Schneider, special assistant to the NHLPA, said, “It’s been take, take, take on the owners’ side and give, give, give from the players’ side. There’s got to be a line somewhere and the players have drawn it.”

As of today, the NHL’s Winter Classic, scheduled for January 1st at the University of Michigan between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs, is still on. So too is NHL All-Star Weekend, scheduled for January 26-27 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Both events could be cancelled this month if no further progress is made. There are no commitments by the two parties to continue formal negotiations at this time.



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